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Rabu, 30 Juni 2010 @ 19.45.00
Fight the bad feelings
well. gonna throw out all my bad feeling.

its about... you know la. my hubbies. SS501.
it was a sunny morning when I found a realllllll bad news that make me sooooo down like crazy. i didnt think that i will face a such condition. damn. i havent got prepared yet! never got a feeling that this would happening.

i opened my twitter page and read the tweets come out on my timeline one by one. once i read a tweet that was showing an URL, with a crying emoticon --> :'(. i was so curious, but still didnt get a feeling of bad news. it might be about.... nothing. I THOUGHT.

but then, I clicked the link and wait the internet loaded the content of the page. its a blog, a KPOP fanblog. it showed a post. the title of the post itself made me truly down alrd. it was "KIM HYUN JOONG LEAVES DSP AND SS501"

i thot, "what the heck! impossible! this news must be lying". then i read the entry of the post. it said that my leader, my Kim Hyun Joong had signed an exclusive contract with KeyEast agency owned by actor Bae Yong Jun.

trust me. i was really shocked. tears fallin down on my cheeks. suddenly leader's old promise come out to my mind.

"I wont leave DSP even if they pay me a million. except if DSP kick me out"

"I'm going to be with SS501 until the 50th anniversary!"

and that made me even more sad. how come he broke his promises?? what does he think on his mind, until he decide to leave DSP and SS501??

those unanswerable question keep ruining my mind. I tried to believe him, with his promises, but it was really hard. what will you do if the fact says the opposite? easily ignore it?

lucky you. because i cant do that good. i was really mad. i even thot, "did he decide to out from DSP because he wanted to be famous? more that his current popularity? or he did out of DSP because of contract payment? is it more than a million?"

i tweeted my feelings, and you know what? several TS blamed be, and others said, "dont judge him like that T.T"

i felt really sorrrrrry. how could i blame and judge him like that?! harsh.

rightafter, i tried harder to believe in him more. my twitter friend, danika unni said that people are changing. HyunJoong might be changing too.

i know. everything do changing except the changes itself.

then what to do?? i was really mad, really want to blame someone but i dont know who! i released my anger to my tweets, confess and declare whats in my mind so that ppl know. actually, I did hope KeyEast and HyunJoong see. what a fool.

but I did believe that HyunJoong always love his otter, gorilla, horse and turtle.

suddenly, my mind recalled SS501's funny and lovely moments, in their TV programs like thanks for waking us up, the mission, idol world, etc..

and suddenly, their lovely brothership come into my mind as well as their moments.

HyunJoong always bring KyuJong's photo in his passport. once when he got to Japan for a promo, a fan asked him, "why oppa bringing KyuJong's photo??" and he replied "for me to see if I miss him in japan ^^"

that kind of things successfully made me bursted with tears but also made me believe them 501%. i know HyunJoong won't leave his brothers. what will happen to Baby if he leaves? i cant imagine. thats why HyunJoong won't leave SS501 ^^

lets all hoping for SS501's very best future.

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