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Senin, 12 April 2010 @ 12.06.00
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Minggu, 04 April 2010 @ 16.29.00
latest boy(s) in my mind
hehe~ I know it'd be a junkies but its okay anyway, since it is my own blog. I'll tell about several boys I think about all the time. mostly. keke.

1. SS501. I put them in one place bcause all of them are in the same room in my heart, LOLs. but there's still a chart on the 1st place. well thats quite confusing =___=

members [sorted depends on their age]:
a. Kim Hyun Joong #1

do you know what makes me love him so dammmmmmn much?
himself! his smile, his voice, his laughter, his body curve, his perfectness!
he's an angel, god's gift for us XD

b. Heo Young Saeng

and this angel with his heavenly voice~
ahhh I really2 love everything of him.
his chubby round face, his lil smile, his way of sitting~
XD certainly! kekeke

c. Kim Kyu Jong

do you see his smile? his eyesight?
omygoat~~ he has charismatic appearance, hasn't he?
he's a kind hearted boy, pure and honest.
who dare not to love him? XDD

d. Park Jungmin

uh~ the reason of why I love him is totally undescribable.
bcause the fistime I saw him, the feelings wasn't come yet.
it comes after several time, until now, and later :)

e. Kim Hyung Jun, the youngest and the most childish XD

he's a lil baby prince XD~
he has a brother, but his brother is much more mature than him.
he's really childish. his hyungs sometimes tease him,
but Kyu *one of his hyungs* often takes care of him. Kyu loves
Hyung Jun so much

2. Onyuuu, Lee Jin Ki

Onew SHINee.
I didn't really pay attention to him until I watched Hello Baby SHINee eps.
then I noticed that he is... truly cool.
yeap XD

3. Kim Jong Hyun

the way I loved him was because of his voice, w/out knowing his appearance.
but then, at the firstime I saw him, I was directly fall for him,
bcause I had loved his voice so far before.

4. Alexander U-Kiss

well, I love him bcause of watching ukiss vampire!
what a very very funny and simple guy,
and I love his smile XD

5. Shin Soo Hyun U-Kiss

similar with xander, I love him bcause I watched ukiss vampire~
something makes me love him is that he respected his partner so much.
he's a 180 degrees gentle! XD

well thats all! *lovelove*

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@ 15.35.00
Hppy Birthday Jungmin ^^
Jungminnie oppa~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY~! saengil chukkae, selamat ulagtahun.
I can't believe now you're a 24 years old man! XD
now you've been a man, so behave like a man~! but please,
don't stop smiling. always and forever.
bcause it is the only thing make us smile. seeing your smile is the best thing I never knew I needed :)

so minnie oppa. I wish all the best thing for you.
I wish all you wanted all this time would become true.
I hope you'll always be the atmosphere maker of SS501
always love SS501. including baby jun :D
don't hit him anymore, okay XD~
eat well and stay healthy. I love you so much. neol saranghae~ ^^

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